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YUKI YUKO (1950~)

YUKI YUKO was a original member of butoh company “DAIRAKUDAKAN”.
After leave it, she’s been to Northern Japan with Bishop Yamada (Hoppo butoh ha) to investigate of the highly spirit and body consciousness of Tatsumi Hijikata (the originator of butoh) and the climate cultivate him.
Now, YUKI has continued to investigate it for herself for 19 years.

A6.jpg1974 Taka-zashiki1972 It plays an active part as a original member of butoh company “DAIRAKUDAKAN”.

1974 It emigrates to Yamagata with the “Hoppo butoh ha” led by Bishop Yamada.

1976 Futhermore, it emigrates to Hokkaido Otaru aiming at north.
1977 It forms and superintends “Suzuran-toh”.
1984 “Taka-zashiki” directed by Tatsumi Hijikata was performed.
1991 “Ezo-men”(choreographed by Bishop Yamada) is continuation-performed for 14 days at Theater of Yugen in San Francisco.

1992 It emigrates to Tsugaru.
Henceforth, it appears on the movie “ichiman-nen-ohkoku” directed by Toshio Iizuka and performed many butoh works which dealt with the arrangement of a dance and production herself.

1995 “kaze-no-tanjo” at Aomori Public University for JOMON FES.
1996 “JOMON-SHO” at National Japanese Culture Study Center in Kyoto.
1998 “Kariyon-no-niwa” ,Sendai.
2000 “sekka-junrei” ,Kuroishi.
2002 “bokutachi-no-shippai Terayamasan-no-hoh-e” ,Sapporo.
“tohno-DESSIN” ,Hirosaki.
2003 5 trials of a butoh “The universe of a crevice, a whisper of a star.
2004 “Rokoh” for the art project by NPO Harappa ,Hirosaki.
“KUJIRA” ,Iwate.
“Kaze mai sho” ,Onoe.

2005 “Fuyu” performed and directed by Yuki Yuko, read HAIKU (Japanese traditional poem) by Tsuji Momoko, played saxophone by Amanai Aiko.
“GOZE SONG OF SWAN” ,at Exterritorial in Wien.
Work shop “the body of wind” ,at Exterritorial in Wien.
Work shop “the body of wind” ,at Le Chemin du Theatre in Paris
“GOZE SONG OF SWAN” ,at Warszawa national play academy in Porland.
“Umi-Yama-no-aida-sen-no-kaze” ,Hirosaki

And,,, still continues

《A work recent days》
At Sankt Petersburg ballet Hall in 2007. YUKI YUKO has valuation a dancer expresses original life in north country.

《Concept of presentation》
Soul and nature
The work of an artist must get its power through the concrete life. Landscape, body, nature, soul and prayer, All of them are the mother of spirit. In such a totality, a border district mey be a place for the artistic creativity.
I would like to present the microcosms(the body) and at the same time express the deepest live feeling.
YUKI’s body always catches the Northern wind, and changes it’s state from honey to powder, and diffusions in light.

stage video

2011 『moon of snow drop』
St.Petersbrug, ballet hall

2011 primitive-sense-art festival

1984 Taka-zashiki

another movies